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Things To Do in Coal Country



Visit The Coal House

The World Famous Coal House was built in 1933 from 65 Tons of bituminous coal and is the home of the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce.


Tour Hatfield 
McCoy Feud Sites

Nearly all of the sites that played a roll in the infamous feud are located within a 15 mile radius of Williamson. Download a Map Below! 


Train Spotting

The rail yard in Williamson is one of the largest east of the Mississippi River and a paradise for rail fans.


Drive Through
The Dingess Tunnel

Built in 1892 and stretching almost 1-Mile Long, "America's Bloodiest Tunnel" is a must-see experience in Mingo County.


Visit the Historic 
Fire Department

Home to North America's longest fire pole and an incredible 1923 Ahrens Fox Fire Engine, the WFD is a hidden gem of fire history in "Coal Country".


Take a Ride on the Tug Fork River with Hatfield McCoy Airboat Tours!

Based out of Matewan, this thrilling journey showcases the beauty of West Virginia's natural landscapes along the Tug Fork River. 

Economy & Industry

Visit Blue Acre Aquaponics

Blue Acre Aquaponics is an innovative way of farming that hopes to bring the next wave in farming for the West Virginia Coalfields. Though an ancient technique, Aquaponics, has been gaining momentum in the industrialized farming of the modern era due to its ability to have a year round supply of consistent product that is more fresh and healthier due to not needing pesticides as often as traditional agriculture. It also allows for the production of fish, in our case Tilapia, that can be purchased also. The facility is open to the general public M-F 8-4:30 PM for tours and plans to become an education center that can help teach others how to build and operate an aquaponics system as well. 


Ride The Hatfield McCoy Trails

With over 300 Miles of trail directly accessible from Williamson, its no wonder the city is considered the "Gateway to Hatfield McCoy Trails".


Tour the Old Hospital on College Hill as seen on the Travel Channel

Tour this nearly 100 year old Hospital that has been featured on the Travel Channel.  Known for it's amazing history and paranormal stories, it's definitely a must see!


Take a Hike!

Williamson is home to some of the best hiking which include adventures to Death Rock, 

Picnic Rock, Castle Rock,

Shoe Rock and More!


Take in The Scenes of Laurel Lake

With many fishing spots, picnic areas and incredible views, the lake is a great place to take the family. 


Learn at the WV Mine Wars Museum

In the heart of Historic Matewan, this museum looks into the labor uprising and incredible history that took place, shaping this coal mining region.


Visit The Matewan Depot Museum

One of the Tug Valley's best museums, the replica train depot holds historic items from both the Hatfield McCoy Feud & Matewan Massacre. 

Death Rock.jpg

Visit Death Rock 

Whether you're hiking, walking or trailing riding, visit the Almost Heaven Swing is a must.  Breathtaking and scenic views of WV and parts of KY.  Located off of trail 37 and near the Cioythe view from Death Rock is something to behold and a mu


Take a Ride with Trail 10
ATV Tours

Showcasing unique Hatfield-McCoy Feud sites, local history, and more, Trail 10 ATV Tours look to guide you on your next trail adventure! 


Fish (Or Float)
The Tug Fork River

With several access points located throughout the city, access to the Tug Fork River has never been easier.


See the Dingess

Originally discovered on Dingess Mountain by local coal miners, the petroglyphs are estimated to be 1200-1400 years old. 


Check out the 
Williamson Farmer's Market

Open seasonally from May to October, the market features locally grown produce, cook-offs, artisans and various demonstrations. 


Go Bowling At the Hatfield & McCoy Recreation Center

Located 3 Miles southeast of Williamson, "Ten Pin Alley" is a great place to spend a few hours with friends and family.

Hatfields and McCoys

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