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Located across from City Hall, the Williamson Fire Department is home to some significant history when it comes to fire fighting. 

Notably, the fire department is home to the longest solid-brass fire pole in North America which extends over 3 stories from the crew quarters down into the engine bays. It's quite the sight to see the firemen slide down! 

At the base of the pole is a small museum that reflects upon some of the historic fires and incidents in the Williamson area as well as a photographic history of the department itself. 

Additionally, on the steps between floors of the building there are historic newspaper articles detailing the history of Williamson. 

The Williamson Fire Department has a very diverse fleet of apparatus, but perhaps the most unique, is the 1923 Ahrens Fox. The engine still runs and operates properly! You'll catch it occasionally in large parades in the area and is a great piece that celebrates the early days of fire-fighting in the city. 

The Full Fleet: 
-1923 Ahrens Fox
-Engine 5 - 1973 Sutphen
-Engine 7 (1st Out on Residential & Commercial Fires)
-Ladder 8 
-Engine 9 (1st Out on MVC, Rapid Response, Vehicle Fires)
-Rescue 12 (Utility Rescue) 



The Firefighters are always glad to talk with visitors to the station! If you're having trouble finding anyone around, stop by the Tug Valley Area CVB Office located straight across the street for assistance! 

(Photo By: Dylan Vidovich Photography)

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