Your Trail to Adventure Starts Here!

If you're planning to ride the Hatfield McCoy Trails, it's a no-brainer to begin your trip in Williamson, West Virginia. 
Need some reasons to start here?

  • The ENTIRE city of Williamson is Trail Rider Friendly. 

  • There are OVER 350 Miles of Trail open for riding. 

  • Williamson is the closest trail system of ANY HMT System to a Major 4-Lane Highway

  • The Greater Williamson area has the LARGEST selection of restaurants in ANY HMT Town/City.

  • Buffalo Mountain/Devil Anse are regarded as the two MOST historic trail systems with their close proximity to actual
    Hatfield McCoy Feud Sites. 

  • Buffalo Mountain is the ORIGINAL/OLDEST Hatfield McCoy Trail System (Opened in October 2000).

  • The Buffalo Mountain Trail System offers the MOST Single-Track (Dirt-Bike Only) trails of ANY HMT System.

  • All Three Systems offer the GREATEST diversity of scenery on ANY HMT System.

In order to ride the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, ALL participants (drivers AND passengers) must have a Trail Permit. No one under the age of 6 is allowed on the trail system. Each permit is good through December 31st of each year. You can purchase a trail permit at the following locations in Downtown Williamson

  • Tug Valley Area CVB (City Hall)

  • The Mountaineer Hotel (2nd Avenue)

  • The Coal House (2nd Avenue)

  • 7-Eleven Gas Station (2nd Avenue)


For the full list of trail rules & regulations visit the link below:

For the Most Up-To-Date Edition of the Buffalo Mountain/Devil Anse/Rock House Trail Map, Click The "Maps" Button:

For the Most Up-To-Date Edition of the Buffalo Mountain/Devil Anse/Rock House Trail Map, Click The "Maps" Button:

Need A Place to Stay?

The Williamson area features a historic 60+ room hotel, several bed-and-breakfasts, and cabins all tailored to fit your needs. 
To explore all our lodging options, click the lodging link below:

Suggested Routes/Trail Trips:

(Click Either Button for Itineraries)

Trip #1 
Williamson Area Loop (Friday)
Williamson to Matewan (Saturday)
Williamson to Gilbert (Saturday)

Trip #2
Williamson to Delbarton (Thursday)
Williamson to Matewan (Friday)
Williamson to Gilbert (Saturday)


Many riders do not realize that the Hatfield McCoy Trail Systems are open all year long, 365 Days! 
 The trails are open each day from Sunrise to Sunset. Each season offers a completely unique experience as the environment around you changes drastically in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. 

While it can sometimes be tricky to catch, riding in the snow on the Hatfield McCoy Trails is an incredible experience. 


Return riders often come 2 seasons a year to experience two different riding environments. 
(Typically Spring/Fall and Winter/Summer)

Need A Guide?

Coal Country is home to several local guides and agencies who offer assistance while you're here on your Hatfield McCoy Trail Adventure! 







Need A Ride?

If you don't own an off-road vehicle or would prefer to rent one once you arrive at the trails (rather than tow your's into town) we have several rental agencies in the local area:




(Coming Soon)

Need A Tow?

Many riders ask us the question, "What happens if we have a break down or get stuck somewhere on the trails?" 

The Tug Valley Area is home to two companies that can assist with trail recoveries. 

Always Call 911 if someone is injured or requires immediate medical assistance. However, if everyone is OK, you can call OR text us: 304-601-0374 and we'll coordinate a recovery operation for your machine on the Buffalo Mountain OR Devil Anse Trail Systems. 

Information that is critical for recovery operations include:
-Location of recovery (GPS Coordinates Preferred)
-Type of Machine, Number of Occupants 
-Damage Report (Can the machine be driven out once recovered?)

142 East Fourth Avenue

Williamson, WV 25661

Tel: (304)-601-0374




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