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The Tug Valley Area has plenty of recreational opportunities for families & kids! 
From lake-front parks to some of the best playgrounds in southern, West Virginia, 
there are plenty of places to get outside and have some fun! 

(Click Any Location Name for directions to that specific place!)

Williamson Area:

-Zappin Park (West Williamson)  

   (Kid's Playground, Softball Park, Tennis Courts, Pickleball Courts, Basketball Court, Access to Floodwall Walking Trail)

-South Williamson Park (South Williamson)
   (Kid's Playground, Swings, Open Field, & Access to Floodwall Walking Trail)

-Ramella Park (East Williamson)
   (Community Garden, Basketball Court, & Picnic Shelter)


-Hatfield McCoy Recreation Center (Buffalo Mountain)
   (Bowling Alley with Game Room)


Belfry Area:

-Grant's Branch (McVeigh, KY)
   (Lake, Large Open Field, Playground, Dock, and Picnic Shelter)

-Black Gem Park (Belfry, KY)
   (Multi-Purpose Soccer Field & Little League Baseball Field)

-Hardy Park (Hardy, KY)
   (Softball Field, Baseball Field, Tennis Courts, & Kid's Playground)

-Blackberry Park (Blackberry, KY)
   (Kid's Playground, Walking Track, Swings, & Picnic Shelters)

Delbarton Area:

-Compton Park (Delbarton)
   (Walking Trail, Large Open Field, Picnic Shelter, & Creek Access for Fishing)

Matewan Area:

-Hatfield McCoy Park (McCarr, KY)
   (Walking Track, Picnic Shelter, River Access Point, Kid's Playground, & Swings)

-Praise Park
   (Walking Track, Basketball Court, Kid's Playground) 

Lenore Area: 

-Laurel Lake 
   (Fishing Dock, Picnic Shelters, Kid's Playground, & Open Fields)

Kermit Area: 

-Kermit Town Park 
   (Walking Track, Kid's Playground, Basketball Court, Open Field, & Picnic Shelter)


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