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One of Coal Country's largest off-road festivals takes over the city of Williamson every year on the last weekend of April (April 29th-May 5th, 2024). Thousands of riders invade the valley to take in the Hatfield McCoy Trails and more!  

If you love mud, trail riding, and great times with friends, Dirt Days is for you. 

Some Festival Highlights for 2024 Include: 

  • 500+ Miles of Riding on the Hatfield McCoy Trail System

  • Industry Related Vendors 

  • Awesome Local Food

  • Parade

  • Mud Pit 

  • Dirt Drag Racing 

  • Live Music

  • Challenge Run

  • Dedicated Kids Night 

  • Fireworks Show

If you plan to attend, it's highly recommended that you pre-register for Dirt Days! 
From now until December 31st, Registration is ONLY $50 and includes the following:

  • Official Dirt Days Goodie Bag 

  • Official Festival T-Shirt (Please Let Us Know Your Size as you Complete Registration!)

  • Official Festival Decal

  • Hatfield McCoy Trails Event Wrist-Band (Trail Pass that gains you access to every Hatfield McCoy Trail System, ONLY good for April 29th-May 5th!)

  • 2024 Hatfield McCoy Buffalo Mountain, Devil Anse, Brave Heart, and Rock House Trail Maps 

  • Mudpit/Dirt Drag Area Armband (Gains you access to ride your vehicle into the respective areas)

  • (3)-$5 Food Vouchers (Vouchers will be good for local participating restaurant sponsors)

  • Official Sponsor List 

  • Official Event Schedule

  • Various "Goodies" from Sponsors 

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