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Itinerary #1 and #2 are based on Friday thru Sunday Trips while Itinerary #3 is for Thursday thru Sunday!

Itinerary #1 
This trip is designed for visitors who want to explore "Coal Country" and see the unmatched level of history that surrounds the Tug River Valley. Features stops at The Coal House, Dingess Tunnel, Hatfield-McCoy Feud Sites, Matewan, and More!

Please Note that this itinerary is for folks NOT interested in riding the
Hatfield McCoy Trails. 


Itinerary #2
Majority of our visitors come here for our fastest growing form of adventure tourism:
The Hatfield McCoy Trails! 

This trip offers suggested riding routes from Williamson to Matewan and Williamson to Gilbert ( based on how adventurous you want to be)! Also included are restaurant recommendations and "Must-See" stops on the Trail System.

Itinerary #3
This is the "Big One". Dedicated Trail Riders only! This trip brings you into town on Thursday and has you busy "in the hills" for

3 Days Straight before taking a little history adventure on the back end of your trip. 
Overall riding mileage for the weekend will easily surpass 150 Miles but you'll see a large chunk of what Buffalo Mountain, Devil Anse, and Rock House have to offer! 

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