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History In the Tug Valley

History is around every curve for visitors to the Tug Valley. From the infamous Hatfield McCoy Feud, to the Matewan Massacre, there's plenty of "hollers" to explore in these parts! 

To Learn More on Each Item, simply click the picture! 


Visit The Coal House

Williamson, WV

The World Famous Coal House was built in 1933 from 65 Tones of bituminous coal and is the home of the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce. 


Drive Through The Dingess Tunnel

Lenore/Dingess, WV

Built in 1892 and stretching almost 1-Mile Long, "America's Bloodiest Tunnel" is a must-see experience in Mingo County.


Visit the Historic Williamson Fire Department

Williamson, WV

Home to North America's longest fire pole and an incredible 1923 Ahrens Fox Fire Engine, the WFD is a hidden gem of fire history in "Coal Country".


Learn at the WV Mine Wars Museum

Matewan, WV

In the heart of historic Matewan, this museum looks into the labor uprising and incredible history that took place and shaped this coal mining region. 


See the Dingess Petroglyphs

Lenore, WV

Originally discovered on Dingess Mountain by local coal miners, the petroglyphs are estimated to be 1200-1400 years old. 


Tour Hatfield McCoy Feud Sites

Pike County, KY/Mingo County, WV

Nearly all the sites that played a roll in the infamous feud are located within a 15-mile radius of Williamson. 

hospital 2.jpg

The Old Hospital on College Hill

Williamson, WV

Opened in 1928, this nearly 100 year old hospital has history as well as eerie stories to tell.  It's a must see when visiting Williamson.  


Visit The Matewan Depot Museum

Matewan, WV

One of the Tug Valley's best museums, the replica train depot holds historic items from both the Hatfield McCoy Feud & Matewan Massacre. 


Take a Feud Site Tour With Historic Matewan House B&B

Matewan, WV

Join local historians David & Ellen Hatfield for Hatfield McCoy Feud Site Tours based out of Matewan! (They'll even chauffeur you around!)

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