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Laurel Lake


Laurel Lake is one of Mingo County's many hidden and underutilized gems. The beauty is simply breathtaking. Around the lake are many benches, picnic shelters, a kids play area, and many great fishing spots. Particularly in the fall-time, the lake is a special place to visit. While you're there, make sure you drive to the northern end of the lake and make a trip through the historic Dingess Tunnel! 

Dingess Petroglyphs


Additionally located at the north-east corner of Laurel Lake are the controversial Dingess Petroglyphs. The two large rocks were discovered on Dingess Mountain by several local coal miners in 1987. The systematic markings have been found at other events throughout West Virginia. Some archaeologists believe these to be of ancient Irish descent (Ogam) and because of this estimate the markings to be 1200-1400 years old! 

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