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Hiking in Coal Country


If you're in downtown Williamson and fix your eyes upon the mountain ridges (especially when the leaves are down), you'll notice several awesome rock formations. Over the years, these have all became fantastic hiking destinations for locals and visitors alike! All of the suggested starting points for each hike are within a 3.5 Mile radius of Williamson, making the city a great "hub".

Points you shouldn't miss include: 
-Picnic Rock
-Castle Rock
-Death Rock 
-Shoe Rock
-North Wall Rock
-Eagle Rock
-Bottle Rock


Death Rock

Known as Williamson "crown jewel" of hiking destinations, Death Rock provides visitors with one of the most incredible views of the Tug River Valley from 1,200' high above the city.

Difficulty: Moderate/Hard


Shoe Rock/North Wall Rock/Eagle Rock

One of the most unique rock formations in the area is Shoe Rock, but if you make the short trip over from Death Rock, don't miss out on North Wall and Eagle Rock!

Difficulty: Moderate


Picnic Rock

Aptly named, Picnic Rock is a great beginner hike for folks wanting to see a place that played an important role in the area's radio broadcasting history. 

Difficulty: Easy


Bottle Rock

Perhaps this location is nature's mark on the moonshining roots of Coal Country. Because of the considerable traffic to this location, the trail is usually in great shape to the top!

Difficulty: Moderate


Castle Rock

Big and Tall, Castle Rock stands high above the ridge lines and is a great place to watch trail riders pass by. 

Difficulty: Easy

Please be aware of your surroundings at ANY of these locations as you visit them. Situational awareness is very important when hiking in West Virginia and eastern Kentucky. All of the hikes do include places that may not be suitable for small children or adult supervision would be recommended. Take in the scenes and enjoy the beauty of Coal Country but most importantly, be safe!

Click on any photo to learn more about that specific hike/destination! 

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