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Shoe Rock
North Wall Rock
Eagle Rock


When you're traveling on US-119 northbound beside the city of Williamson and look straight ahead to the ridge top, Shoe Rock is in your sights. 

The rock has always been a popular destination for residents in the West-Williamson and Fairview portions of the area. 

In 2019, the Tug Valley Road Runners Club hosted the "Death Rock Run" which included some participants at the event going to Shoe Rock. Countless hours were spent improving the old trail from Death Rock to Shoe Rock and it is now the most accessible it has ever been. 

The hike from Death Rock to Shoe Rock is approximately .7 Miles and takes around 35 Minutes each way. 

If you continue another 300 feet past Shoe Rock, you'll encounter North Wall and Eagle Rock which provide some of the best views of West Williamson from very high above. 

NOTE: Many folks who hike to Shoe Rock/North Wall Rock/Eagle Rock also hike to Death Rock in the same trip as you pass them all on this particular adventure. The map below shows the route to all!


Suggested Route to Shoe Rock/North Wall Rock/Eagle Rock

  • Start by parking in the public parking lot located adjacent to 3rd Avenue behind Wilson Eye Care Associates. 

  • Walk to the Prichard Street/3rd Avenue Rail Road Crossing and head up Prichard Street 

  • At the intersection with 4th Avenue, turn left and head up the hill 
    (You'll notice a brown Hatfield McCoy Trails Sign with a left-handed arrow)

  • Continue out 4th Avenue and bear right at the Trail #10 Entrance. 

  • Hike the trail up the mountain! (Be aware of Dirt bikes/Side-By-Sides/ATV's)

  • After the last hair-pin turn coming up the mountain, bear left and locate the smaller trail that heads north/northwest. (Blue on the map below)

  • Follow this trail until it intersects with another and turn right. 

  • At the next intersection, watch for a narrower/rocky trail and take that up the ridge.

  • Near the top, you can follow the arrows painted on trees to visit Death Rock. 

  • Once you've enjoyed the view, head to the top of the ridge and take the trail 
    that continues out to the West. 

  • You will pass Trax Tower (also known as Satellite Ridge)

  • The trail will gradually get more narrow and turn into a footpath until you reach the end. 

  • You will arrive at Shoe Rock, then North Wall Rock and lastly Eagle Rock (the highest final point).

GPS Coordinates of Shoe Rock:  37.683134 -82.290200

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