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Castle Rock

Situated on the ridge between Valley View and parts of East Williamson is Castle Rock.

Its popularity is associated with the fact of how tall the rock is on such a narrow ridge line and that it serves as a great rappelling location. Over the years, locals have added several rappelling points on the rock (use at your own risk!).

When the foliage is down, the rock offers several good views and is a great place to watch riders drive by on the Hatfield McCoy Trail System which passes the rock on 3 out of 4 sides.

The "nose" of Castle Rock has shifted over the years and as evidenced in a

Williamson High School Yearbook, it used to sit straight as opposed to the northernly tilt it now has. 

Several small caves exist on each side of the rock which give some great perspective to erosion and the formation of these large rocks. 

NOTE: Many folks who hike to Castle Rock also hike to Picnic Rock in the same trip as both are relatively close to one another. The map below shows the route to both!


Suggested Route to Castle Rock

  • Drive up Vinson Street and ascend Airport Mountain. As you go up the mountain you go through two steep curves (a right and a left).

  • After passing the 2nd Red Gate, watch for a stretch of road that is straight with
    space for cars to park on the left side. Park There! 

  • Exit your vehicle and walk up-hill to where the Hatfield McCoy Trail crosses the paved road. 

  • Turn RIGHT and follow the trail for .7 Miles. 

  • You will reach a wide left-handed curve. Continue through the curve. 
    (NOTE, the trail to your right goes to Picnic Rock.

  • Continue for another .5 Miles and you will enter a U-Turn to the left up and over a gas-line. Castle Rock is straight infront of you and can be accessed from several smaller footpaths. 

  • If you're looking for a little more hiking, continue out the trail past Castle Rock for .6 Miles until you reach power lines. There, you will have reached the Valley View Overlook. 

GPS Coordinates of Castle Rock:   37.678197, -82.251818

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