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Picnic Rock

Hidden on the ridge between Vinson Street and East Williamson, Picnic Rock has some ties to the history of radio broadcasting in the area.

Originally, WBTH/WXCC-FM had a radio tower installed on the roof of the Mountaineer Hotel in Downtown Williamson. As the stations grew, the demand to broadcast further developed and as a result, a new radio tower was placed on the summit of Picnic Rock. Years later, a newer more
modern tower was built on the ridge closest to the rail-road yard in East Williamson.

However, history remained at Picnic Rock. Still to this day, you can check out the radio tower control building and see the old tower which has collapsed over the north-side of the rock. 

This hike is a great one for beginners wanting to get a taste of adventures in the area.  

NOTE: Many folks who hike to Picnic Rock also visit Castle Rock in the same trip as both are relatively close to one another. The map below shows the route to both!

Suggested Route to Picnic Rock

  • Drive up Vinson Street and ascend Airport Mountain. As you go up the mountain you go through two steep curves (a right and a left).

  • After passing the 2nd Red Gate, watch for a stretch of road that is straight with
    space for cars to park on the left side. Park There! 

  • Exit your vehicle and walk up-hill to where the Hatfield McCoy Trail crosses the paved road. 

  • Turn RIGHT and follow the trail for .7 Miles. 

  • You will reach a wide left-handed curve with a trail entrance straight ahead going uphill. That trail is marked with a sign that reads "Picnic Rock" with a red arrow. 

  • Follow that trail up the ridge and you will arrive at the rock. There's a smaller footpath that leads up to the top of the rock itself. 

GPS Coordinates of Picnic Rock:  37.674102 -82.258789

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