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One of the area's most famous hiking destinations has seen an explosion of traffic lately, and rightfully so. 

For years, locals in the Belfry area (just south of Williamson) would enjoy the incredible scenery at Bottle Rock high above Black Gem Park looking down over US-119. 

As initiatives to get outside and get active came to be, Bottle Rock instantly became a hit. The hike is rather short (only .8 Miles roundtrip), BUT, the ascent is quite steep and will make you "feel the burn". 

The effort is totally worth it though as the rock formation is unlike any other in the Williamson area. 

Bottle Rock


Suggested Route to Bottle Rock

  • Start by parking at the soccer/baseball fields at Black Gem Park. 

  • Walk up the small hill onto the corner of the church parking lot and locate the path that goes up the ridge. 

  • Do NOT go up the curved driveway adjacent to the church; That is Private Property. 

  • You will pass through a cemetery with some very old graves and unique head stones. 

  • Follow the path to the top! Keep in mind, due to high volumes of traffic, the path has a very packed surface, however, it does become slick when it rains or snows. Good traction is suggested! 

GPS Coordinates of Bottle Rock:   37.646025 -82.258702

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